Ms. Crankypants (margrock) wrote in close_knit,
Ms. Crankypants

Aran Patterns for Kids

I've been meaning to post this request for days, but time keeps getting away from me. Go figure ;-)

Do any of you have, or know where I can find, Aran patterns for children. Specifically sweaters and hat patters, but I'll take what I can get.

My aunt wants to make her new grandsons some hats and sweaters and she and my mom figured I'd know where to find them. Forgive me, I haven't googled it on my own yet (I will) I just thought of this, had a minute and thought I would post this.

The kids are newborn and 18 months, but the 18 month old is already wearing toddler clothes. They're going to be big boys, just like their dad ;-)
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