all I've got are 3 chords and a grudge (mscissorhands) wrote in close_knit,
all I've got are 3 chords and a grudge

plea for the winter may need to start now for some of you....*looks in no particular direction*

ok heres the deal....i am not counting on my knitting abilities cus lets face it i am just no good....
I would like to PAY someone to make Jack and I Mathcing cat hats and gloves for the winter and if possible a scarf to boot. Must have cat ears with pink inside for moi and baby blue inside for jack or indigo blue....preferably all black with that complimentary colour as above. With ear flaps, ties and the whole nine yards and on the mitts to have strings so they dont get lost (for both of us) and maybe nice long scarves etc...anyone interested in taking this project your price!
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