heatherbeneather (spikella) wrote in close_knit,

thanks for allowing a newb in

Much appreciated folks. My apologies in advance if i have stupid questions and appear especially un-co-ordinated.

I'd be happy to play host as well if you guys don't mind traveling up to North York.

Just a side note... i tried to reply to the comments in the last post but for some reason it won't let me even though i have the community listed as a friend.
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The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. ;-)

As for uncoordinated, I do believe you are allowed to operate a motor vehicle, whereas there are those of us who are not. Therefore you cannot possibly seem uncoordinated.

Welcome aboard.
heh heh...

you'd best ask mscissorhands whether the decision to 'allow' me to operate a motor vehicle is a wise one. Believe me, my lack of co-ordination is apparent in my driving skills
Woohoo, hey there baby-girl.

No questions you have will be stupid believe me. If there were stupid questions, I've already beat you to asking them long ago. ;P
haha awesome...
well i'll make sure i ask you first then
I don't even knit! (any more) But I'm still here!

Everything will be cool :)
You have knitted?
A very long time ago. And not well. But yes, I have.
Here's a thought, did you just friend the community, or did you use the join the community link at the top of the page? Might make all the difference....
I'm adding my welcomes too! And I think the moderators of the community might have to do something to allow you access as it is a bit closed I think. I could be totally wrong here.
the moderators that be have allowed me to reply

thanks Jen!
i joined and friended but i seem to have access now so its all good

I can't wait to meet you!

Any one of these Thursday... But not this week or next week...

oops! sorry i was trying to see if i can reply to comments yet

i can't wait to meet you too! you've got my favourite journal name that i've ever come across and i've heard nothing but glowing and wonderful things about you