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Knitting this week

I'm gonna offer my place again for anyone who is interested in knitting this Thursday evening.
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I'm in! I'm in!!!

Just a bit excited to see everyone...... ;)
I wish I could come. I'm going to be at the Y, for a Volunteer Training event. I'm needed to see to the technical aspects of the meeting.

Being indispensible really sucks some days.

Hope y'all have fun!!!
I miss you margrock!!!!!!!

See you Saturday :)
I miss you too. Looking forward to it!!!!!
Saturdays, even in Europe, even with poo-shelves, were not the same without dinner at your house :)
Flattery will get you anywhere with me babe!!!!
i'll be there!
Count me in, too! :)
me four!
I'm sorry i didn't make it Jen (and everyone else!)

i was waylayed by Ikea and ended up much later there than i expected